A SBA Certified 8(a) Company

Case Studies

Business Case #1: A public institution issues debt securities to the investors. The client has a group of financial experts, and they build sophisticated financial models to evaluate product effectiveness against multiple objectives and the mission. However, the models are developed in different time periods and used various software platforms. As a result, executing of these models and interpreting of the results are highly dependent on the model owners’ availabilities at the time of the requests.

Our Services: We have a team of financial modelers, data specialists, and IT developers to help the client to convert all existing financial models into one recommended platform, and developed browser based application to provide user friendly interface. The client’s staffs are able to use the application to execute models and interpret results in a consistent format. The client’s quantitative team find many more hours, previously not available, to support higher priority and more urgent tasks.

Business Case #2: A large financial institution was replacing its legacy trading platform with a state-of-the-art system, allowing it to handle many innovative financial products and trading practices. As a result, many financial systems that received live data from the platform needed to be modified or tested to make sure they were functioning as expected.

Our services: We had a team of data specialists and report developers to help the client to conduct User Satisfaction Test and developed new reports to the new system availability. After project completion, the client was satisfied that the upstream system change did not negatively affect the existing system and models. New reports were developed to gain more insight to the daily business activities. This engagement had clear objective and timeline. Our team overcame numerous challenges and successful completed the assigned tasks.

Business Case #3: A small bank was interested to acquire another bank of the similar size as part of the expansion strategy. Without much prior experiences, it needed to retain advisory services to provide valuation assessment of the takeover target in a very short time frame.

Our services: We applied the most up-to-date industry valuation mythologies, and simplified the process by utilizing the most critical data elements. We successfully delivered the results to the client in the prescribed timeframe. The client negotiated the deal efficiently and ended with a purchase decision.